Seventh Day

Seminar – Awarding Program

Seminar – Awarding Program

26 February 2021

13:00 | Tehran Time

A speech by Madjid Tahriri
A speech by Mehdi Jalali

17:00 | Tehran Time
23:45 | Tehran Time

Live Events

Composer Portrait​ (2)

Johannes Schöllhorn, composer and professor of composition at the Musikhochschule Freiburg, is this year’s guest of the Tehran International Electronic Music festival. The two-day seminar allows us to get to know his music, aesthetics and ideas with him.
25th and 26th February 2021 .13:00, Tehran Time

Pass code: 093338

Awarding Ceremony

  • Awarding the fifth year winners Reza Korourian’s
  • A speech by Madjid Tahriri
  • A speech by Mehdi Jalali
  • Screening the video by Mahdi Dolati on Reza Korourian’s music

In order to prevent further spread of corona-virus, this program is going to be held without guests.

Daily Report

A Short Report on the Past and Upcoming Events

Screening the Video


A Video by Mahdi Dolati on the Music of Reza Korourian

Mahdi Dolati


Preceding a hyphen is the definite year, 1980. His death year however will be announced consequently as he apparently still journeys through the hyphen. A life that sprouted in the soil of Qom had its roots blown by the wind to overseas, seeking a probable catharsis on the fire of alienation. Through the more or less hypnotic journey, he keeps himself awake by immature verbal, visual and sonic experiments mostly done to be buried rather than to be presented. In brief, he is still alive and was last seen in a steamed up mirror a few days ago in London. If you are vainly curious to know something more about him, we cannot do much to help as we ourselves are left in the dark. We were told that owing to a bizarre behavioural disorder, he fails to describe himself for others in a standard written page until further notice.